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Medical tourism is a form of health tourism commonly referring to the travel of people to another country for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment in that country.

Traditionally, people would travel from less-developed countries to major medical centers in highly developed countries for medical treatment that was unavailable in their own communities; the recent trend is for people to travel from developed countries to third-world countries for medical treatments because of cost consideration, though the traditional pattern still continues. Another reason for travel for medical treatment is that some treatments may not be legal in the home country, such as some fertility procedures. Some people travel to obtain medical surgeries or other treatments. Some people go abroad for dental tourism or fertility tourism. People with rare genetic disorders may travel to another country where treatment of these conditions is better understood. However, virtually every type of health care, including psychiatry, alternative treatments, convalescent care and even burial services is available. Medical tourists are subject to a variety of risks, which may include deep vein thrombosis, tuberculosis, amoebic dysentery, paratyphoid, poor post-operative care, and others.
Why choose Iran as our medical tour destination?
Iran is a country which has acted very strong in the field of beauty and cosmetic surgeries and has attracted many famous clients among the American and European artists and models. Because of being a four season country and the suitable weather, having mineral water fountains and hot water pools, it also has attracted many other clients who travel to Iran for the purpose of related treatments. Iran also has acted more strong in some other treatment fields these years.
Thanks to its numerous highly equipped hospitals with specialist personnel and skilled physicians, Iran has the capacity to become a popular destination for health and medical tourists
Medical costs are much lower in Iran compared to other Persian Gulf littoral states and Central Asia--not to mention the higher standards of medical services and equipment here.
Spas (mineral water) as a fantastic phenomena because of cerement characteristic, has always been interesting for tourists, especially in Iran. Every year thousands of tourists come to Iran to take bath in Iran mineral water pool for different diseases, like skin diseases, nervous calmative and etc.
Medical prices in Iran rather than other western countries are very low.
Why choose AcrossIran for our medical tour?
If you have a problem, we will help you to arrange a trip to medical centers or visit a doctor. It is best to keep all of your bills that you have paid and submit them to your insurance company. 
AcrossIran, with a professional experienced team, and a long time resume, with help of the most veteran specialists and doctors, and also the equipped clinics and hospitals, has been able to act very strong in medical tourism with lower prices and better services considering the other companies.
Other services:
• Booking time from Iran's Hospital
• Getting appointments from doctors
• Reservation of hotels near the hospitals
• Multi lingual Translators
• Welcome services for patients and transfer to hospitals and hotels
• Ticketing
• Visa
We will not going to cure any one in our company, we just help people to find a qualified hospital with best prices, booking time for them and when they arrive we help them about translation and other services like finding a place to stay and help them feel comfortable until the end when our clients go back to their countries. For more information please Contact Us.
Our services consist of:
_24/7 (24 hours 7 days of the week), guidance and consultation before, after and during your stay,
_Hotel reservation near the hospitals and clinics,
_Multilingual translators and guides,
_Transfer services to/from the airport/hotel/hospital,
_Visa and ticket services.
Our goal is the satisfaction and comfort of the patients during their medical travel after the complete treatment. Please refer to Contact Us. 
Types of medical services:
1. Beauty surgeries and cosmetic proceedings consist of:
_جوانسازی و لیفتینگ
_تتو و آرایش دائم
_انواع جراحی های پلاستیک و زیبایی بینی، لب، فک و صورت، افزایش قد، لاغر سازی
_تزریق ژل و بوتاکس
_تزریق چربی
_خدمات زیبایی دندان
_کاشت مو و ابرو
2. Medical proceedings consist of:
_انواع جراحی های داخلی
_جراحی چشم توسط بهترین متخصصین زیر نظر دکتر خدادوست مشهور به خدای چشم

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