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Lonely Planet: Iran
by Andrew Burke Mark Elliott
(Lonely Planet) 
ISBN: 1741042933
One of the few English language guide books to Iran currently on the market, Lonely Planet: Iran, now in a new and revised second edition, deserves to be in the luggage of any traveler to this fascinating and varied country. Accurately describes the delights and possible pitfalls (Tehran pollution etc) of a visit to this fascinating and friendly country.
Lonely Planet: Farsi
(Lonely Planet) 
ISBN: 0864425813
Lonely Planet's Farsi (Persian) Phrasebook packs a wealth of handy phrases, grammar notes and cultural tips, all at a reasonable price. Also useful as a Farsi primer for those studying the language outside Iran. 
Modern Iran: Roots and Results of Revolution
by Nikki R. Keddie
(Yale University Press)
ISBN: 0300098561
Keddie provides insightful commentary on the Iran-Iraq war, the Persian Gulf War, and the effects of 9/11 and Iran's strategic relationship with the U.S. She also discusses developments in education, health care, the arts, and the role of women in Iran. 
Persian Mirrors: The Elusive Face of Iran
by Elaine Sciolino
(Free Press)
ISBN: 0300098561
The paradoxes, persecutions and people of post-revolutionary Iran through the discerning eyes of a former correspondent and bureau chief for Newsweek. Sciolino is one of America's foremost commentators on Iran and knows the country, its people (especially its women) intimately.
Palaces and Gardens of Persia
by Yves Porter Arthur Thevenard
ISBN: 2080112570 
240 pp
The very word "paradise" derives from the ancient Iranian term for the Shah's royal hunting grounds. From ancient Achaemenid sites to the magnificent mirrored shrines of Shiraz, from the lush geometric gardens of Kashan to the ornate domes of Ispahan, the reader will discover the fundamental roles of water, brick, and ornamentation in the countrys unique architectural heritage. With their intricate fountains and majestic ponds, Persian oasis gardens celebrate water that is still sourced from underground aqueducts dating back to the 6th century, as do palace hammams, so central to Islamic cultures belief in purification by water. Persian gardens are meant as an escape from the harsh realities of desert life and are jealously hidden away within high brick walls. The Islamic tiles, precious metals, and glittering jewels - hidden behind the colorful facades of palace pavilions and mosques - recount the mysteries of these timeless splendors. 
Persian Pilgrimages Journeys Across Iran
by Afshin Molavi
(W.W. Norton & Company Ltd)
ISBN: 0393051196
Afshin Molavi, a rising young journalist born in Iran and fluent in Farsi, travelled his homeland for one year. Along the way he met a wide variety of people from a wide variety of backgrounds - students, bazaar merchants, Islamic clerics, homeless children, pro-democracy writers, Islamic hardliners, feminists, and kids hooked on anything western. They all discusses matters which were important to them: unemployment, freedom, religion, poetry, history, love, and green cards. This journey documents the real feeling of a nation, not the ones seen on camera.
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