About Us


About Us


Founded in 2000, Haghagasht Travel Agency is now a reliable brand in Iran. With three branches in Shiraz and Mashad in Iran and Melbourne in Australia, it has earned several certificates, recognitions and awards through the years.


Our Shiraz branch has an approximate of 25 travel experts in operating outbound tours to European countries such as Italy, Georgia and Serbia or Eastern Asian countries like Malaysia, and cooperates with many international travel suppliers, airlines and hotels like Turkish Airlines and Air Arabia.  Having registered in the international airline ticket reservation system like Amadeus, we are able to reserve various airline tickets for international flights.


In addition, our Inbound Tours section comprises of professionals educated in tourism management and Iran's history and culture. We have hired the best team for our agency as well as tour guides who have operated several private and group tours in which some of them are groups of twenty to forty from United Kingdom, Germany and Finland and a lot of private tourists from around the world. By working with knowledgeable staff and consulting national and international research team, we are able to provide services suited for different travel tastes and cultures. We have several agreements and charters with national airlines and different kinds of accommodations like hotels, boutique hotels, eco lounges and camps and traditional accommodations. Haghagasht is also an official agent for selling train tickets across Iran.



Haghagasht is a professional travel agency that aims to develop comprehensive travel products and provide high quality services at the best possible rates in order for our clients to have a memorable and stress-free travel experience.



Haghagasht will be the leading and most trusted travel agency in the whole of Iran and an internationally acclaimed travel agency providing highest quality of products and services to all nationalities.



  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Safety
  • Teamwork
  • Reliability
  • Accountability



Financial capacity, credibility, along with years of experience in national and international travel, make us qualified to operate various tours including:

  • Cultural tours both in major cultural cities like Shiraz and Isfahan and smaller cities that have distinctive culture like Abyaneh Village 
  • Eco tours to experience originality of Iran's multi climate nature. These tours are handled by professional eco tour leaders who know how to take care of their tourists while spending time outdoors. Some of our tours in this category are tours to national and protected areas, mountain climbing, hiking in the jungle and desert, and are operated in different levels of intensity.
  • Events and festivals tours is another category focusing on making an exceptional experience for tourists in traditional ceremonies or rituals like nomadic weddings and some ancient religious events.
  • Culinary tours for getting a taste of exquisite Iranian cuisines and even cooperating in the process of preparing them. Our agency is one of the few agencies that give you an opportunity to participate in an Iranian feast and be their guest. 
  • Tailor-made tours wherein you ask us and we deliver. If you have any special or personal plans to visit Iran, you can inform us and our experts will make that happen.



Haghagasht covers all your travel needs from the beginning to end. What we provide to our guests include:

  • Iran visa application for American, British , Canadian and other nationalities   
  • Personalized assistance on arrival and departure
  • All sorts of transfers in all cities of Iran
  • Accommodation in all categories from budget to 5* hotels across Iran
  • Reserving plane, train and bus tickets
  • Multilingual professional guide services
  • Translation services
  • Full and half day sightseeing tours in all cities of Iran
  • Operating multi-cultural tours



  • Certificate of Activity from Iranian Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization
  • IATA certificate
  • Certificate of Iranian Standard Organization for customer care
  • Awarded by Turkish Airlines for outgoing tours six years in a row
  • Top Travel Agent of Air Arabia in 2015 and 2016


Our Iran travel experts are ready to answer any of your questions, assist you with any itinerary and travel plans and attend to your problems and criticism. Our first and foremost priority is customer satisfaction as Iranian hospitality is famous all around the world. To achieve this goal, we are more than attentive to provide our customers with quality services.  


About Us

Some of the services of our company are:
_Holding tours of all around Iran in the most touristic places considering the traveler’s taste of travel, a desired tour itinerary based on their budget, time and interests.
_Having the best and the most experienced local tour guides in each specific area, fluent in any language,
_Having well-experienced drivers completely familiar with all the roads,
_Accommodations in hotels chosen among the best and the most popular ones located at the heart of the cities,
_Free visa,
_Free simcard,
_CRM (customer relationship management) service.
You can also ask for any further information about traveling to Iran by online chat. Our tour operator will eagerly give you any guidance. Please see Contact Us.