Iran Vegan Tour

Iran Vegan Tour

Enjoy Iranian Vegan food

Iran Vegan Tour

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7  days
4* Hotel
Normal Bus
Cultural , Eco ,

1. Accommodations (6 nights in 4* hotels or Boutique hotels on BB basis) 
2. All transfers & transportation to/from Shiraz/Tehran airport and all excursions by AC vehicle and a licensed driver familiar with all the roads,
3. Professional and experienced guide from arrival to departure (fluent at any needed language),
4. Refreshment along the way (mineral water, coffee, Iranian tea, fruits, traditional pastries)
5. Visa invitation number (reference code),
6. Travel insurance,
7. Iranian sim card

1. International flights,
2. Entrance fees,
3. Lunch and dinner,
4. Visa stamp fee,
5. All which is not mentioned in inclusive

1000 $

About  "Iran Vegan Tour"

Iranians always had a profound and respectful relationship with nature and their environment. Their main sources of food even nowadays has always been wheat and rice. Although in the northern parts of Iran vegetables were used more compared to other dry parts which people were depended on keeping livestock but still they couldn't afford to have meat often until nowadays that meat is produced in mass. But even now there are many traditional Iranian food which are basically vegan or can be changed a bit to become a nice vegan food. This tour is an effort to introduce Iran as a country friendly to all ideas and people.

  • Tour Overview
  • Day 1-Tehran

    Upon your arrival in airport our guide will meet you and after settling in hotel your tour starts. Visiting Golestan palace and grand bazaar of Tehran before lunch. You are going to have lunch in one of vegan restaurants in Tehran.In the evening the tour continues by visiting Tabiat Bridge an example of Iranian modern architecture and an effort to reconcile the metropole with nature. You can have dinner in a vegan friendly pasta place or a little café serving snacks and salads.

  • Day 2-North of Iran

    Driving to the green north of Iran. Accommodating in an eco-lounge you can enjoy a variety of veggie food this area of Iran has to offer.

    Traditional vegan friendly food: Like their environment northern part of Iran benefits from different vegetables and beans in their food. The special and common kind of Iranian soup which is called Ash find here too, like zucchini Ash or Beshte vash.  Zucchini shuffle is also a food you can try having all the vegetables you like. There is a kind of stew made from broad bean and served with rice, also locals cook it with eggs but it's not any less delicious without it. But this one could actually be your favorite. A kind of stew made with spinach and lentil and flavored with traditional Pomegranate sauce. A popular food of the region baked even in other cities is Mirza Qasemi a combination of barbequed eggplants, tomatoes, garlic and onions served with either bread or rice.   

  • Day 3-North of Iran

    Enjoy green Iran

  • Day 4-Isfahan

    Driving back to Tehran you are going to fly to Isfahan. One of major cultural cities in Iran. After settling in hotel your tour starts by visiting Naghsh e Jahan square and its attractions including Imam and Sheikh Lotf Allah mosque and Ali Qa Pu. In the evening you can visit Chehel setun palace and historical bridges of Isfahan. The next day you can visit the Armenian neighborhood of the city and Vank cathedral. In the evening you fly to Shiraz.

    Traditional vegan friendly food: If you want to experience a really simple food mostly eaten in winters you can try this combination of water, flour ,onions and different dried vegetables which is mixed with little pieces of bread after it's baked. Split peas stew is a common dish in Iran. Also locals add meat in it but it is as good without it. Another Iranian stew is made with water, flour and walnuts which are flavored with pomegranate sauce. Little pieces of chicken or meat are added to this stew but you can skip that and still enjoy a nice dish. As you can see almost all Iranian stews has meat in it but it is not the necessary part of the taste. For example a popular Iranian stews which is made with different fresh vegetables and red beans. All stews are mostly served with rice.

  • Day 5-Isfahan

    Continuing Isfahan tour.

  • Day 6-Shiraz

    Starting city tour of Shiraz visiting Nasir al Molk mosque and Naranjestan palace. In the evening you are going to visit Zandieh complex including citadel, bath-house, mosque and bazaar. The next day you are going to visit Persepolis and Necropolis and In the evening Eram garden and Hafez tomb.

  • Day 7-Shiraz

    The rest of tour and Goodbye.


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