Iran desert camps are another offer of Acrossiran as Iran Tour Operator. One of your options for accommodation during Iran travel is desert camps. The desert is a land of mystry. So this kind of trip should be so exciting. Although they are not available in every city. But the ones that are certainly worth to stay in. In these camps you get the opportunity to experience beautiful deserts of Iran at best. Most tourist desert destinations of Iran are in central and southern parts. Including Provinces like Isfahan, Yazd or Kerman. Your choices in these areas can be Varzeneh desert in Isfahan and Bafgh desert in Yazd. And also Shahdad deserts in Kerman.

Why Iran desert camps?

Aside from experiencing desert and enjoying its peaceful atmosphere and a sky full of stars there are other activities. Firstly, some of these desert activities are adventurous. Like zip-line and Paragliding over dunes and desert. Moreover, off-road riding with 4WD vehicles and buggy motorcycle riding. Also if you like less adventurous activities you can choose camel riding and desert trekking.

There are also a wide range of accommodation from budget to more comfortable ones. Some of these camps and Eco-lodges offer both rooms and tents. However some of them only have tents and sleeping bags. If you are not willing to spend the night in desert camps you can drive to them early in the morning and then come back to city. Although we recommend you to stay at least a night in these beautiful places. If you are worried about safety we assure you that these desert camps are really safe. They have the same security as hotels or traditional accommodations.

Finally, you can always consult our experts to guide for finding Iran desert camps. Or even accommodation that best suites your travel taste.

Shahdad Desert Camp Kerman
Shahdad Desert Camp
Varzaneh Desert Camp Isfahan
Varzaneh Desert Camp