Iran travel insurance


Iran travel insurance for foreign travelers is a service of our company. You can be sure to have a safe travel by applying for Iran travel insurance through AcrossIran. The easiest way to prevent damages during travel is to get an insurance. Due to the policy of incoming insurance, all the foreign nationalities and people who live abroad can use the benefits of insurance.

Iran Travel Insurance

This is for who traveling to Iran. If the person gets sick or injured in an accident can benefit from this. The insurer organizes the following services and pay all the related costs. Starting time of insurance would be the arrival of traveler. We determine the price of the insurance. The price depends on duration of stay and age of tourist.

What Does the Insurance cover?

  • Transferring of the patient to the nearest hospital. They do it in the least possible time.
  • Returning the patient to his or her country land. The therapist idea and doctors confirmation is considered. Therefore, they make sure if the his/her condition is stable.
  • In case of death, doing all the needed actions to transfer body to the nearest airport of his homeland.
  • Doing all the needed actions for return of all under 15 years old patients companions to their country land. In addition, a supervisor in case the patient is not able to return back home. For example, by a personal vehicle or the one used for arrival.
  • Transferring one of the traveler’s relatives to Iran with the insured person. If he needs an attendant during his/her treatment.


Why Do You Need An Insurance?

Firstly, you need the insurance letter to get your visa. Without the printout of your insurance you can not get your visa from the embassy or at the airport. Secondly, a good travel insurance can protect you against all the unexpected costs.

In case you want to apply for Iran travel insurance for foreign travelers and tourists or Iran Visa You can contact us.