It is since 1980 that the United Nations World Tourism Organization celebrates 27th of September as the world tourism day. The purpose of this decision was to raise awareness on how tourism affects social, political, cultural and economic values in countries all around the world. It also emphasizes the role tourism industry has in the international community.

This year’s theme was Tourism and jobs; a better future for all that held in India, New Delhi. Zurab Pololikashvili the secretary-general pf the world tourism organization had a message about world tourism day 2019. He claimed that tourism can help us have a better future. He continued that across the world tourism is supporting millions of jobs. Also directing economy of many countries in local and national scales. In many regions tourism industry has made a chance for many young people and women to maintain the needs of their families. True potential of tourism as an industry to make jobs and stimulate equality and sustainable development is coming true.

According to this year’s theme World Tourism Organization is supposed to invest in three sectors more than before which are education, skill and jobs. Tourism and travel industry is making jobs for about 300 million people. This industry can make equal job opportunities for both men and women even with lower grade educations.

World Tourism Day 2019 in Iran

In Iran also the Minister of cultural heritage, tourism and handicrafts had a message about world tourism day. He asserted on identification and upgrading tourism jobs and professions. So that with help of this great industry with vast potentials we can pave the way towards sustainable development and a better future in economic and social scope.

Tourism industry due to its vast and Increasing benefits is becoming more important for countries and politicians. Tourism can guarantee increasing jobs and reducing poverty and equal opportunities.  Its sustainable manner results in a happier world with more peace.


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