Why Choose Iran as our Travel Destination?
Iran is located on the Equator orbit that has made it to be one of the best tourist’s attractions. It’s a four season country with different climate in different areas, while you can do ski in the north, at the same time you can go to the beach in south. Iran is also a country full of variety of languages and cultures in different regions and you will benefit from the diverse local foods in here. Iranian people are really warm-blooded, friendly and hospitable; you will surely become surprised of their expressing happiness and welcoming you to their country. Some Medias also has introduced Iran among the top travel destinations in the world
Short Introduction
Iran, due to its historical background and sustainable social and cultural evolution, has a lot of diverse worth seeing sites that satisfy tourists with different tastes. Every tourist, whatever his/her incentive, may find many spectacular places depending on his taste. It should not be forgotten that the best way for the recognition of every country is direct contact with its people.
Iranians are famous for their hospitality, compassion, and generosity. It is easily possible to visit Iranian’s homes, being slightly acquainted with them and become familiar with their life style, attitudes, livelihood, and many of their characteristics. Historical monuments, which belong to different periods of human settlement in the plateau of Iran, along with diverse natural, coastal, mountainous, and nomadic landscapes, make a coordinated and attractive combination for every tourist. The ancient Iranian culture, which is reflected in historical and architectural heritage, has brought about many sites worth seeing. The culture of today's Iran is a perfect aggregate of near and far past of this territory and everybody can satisfy intellectual and aesthetic needs according to his/her taste through visiting this wide and rich country. The existing historical monuments in Persepolis, Passargadae, Susa (Shoosh), Hamadan, Kermanshah, Firooz Abad, Syraf and many other ancient centers of Iranian civilization are incentives enough for visiting this country.
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