Eco houses in Iran are also a great option during travel to Iran. Experience them with Acrossiran professional team. Then, get to know the complexity of their different culture. There are many of them across Iran. So tourists get a chance to experience the local atmosphere of every region in Iran. In fact, locals prepare an attractive place for tourists in their own way of life. The life-story of these people was at risk of disappearing.

Since these kinds of accommodations try to show travelers the culture and lifestyle of local people. The rate of each house is base on the facilities it offers. Although many of them don’t offer 5-star services. But they must have some standards to provide tourists comfort. In recent years, many travelers are showing interest to stay in these places. So every year many new ones open. This also creates competition among providers. Thus making them find creative ideas to represent local life.

Friendly Eco Houses

Today, you will find numerous eco-houses in every province of Iran. Almost all of Eco houses in Iran are actual or former residents of local people. Sometimes even a local family manages these Eco-lodges. This can be a very interesting experience. Since you get the chance to observe a village family doing everyday chores during the day.

Imagine waking up in a village house decorated with old and probably hand-made stuff. You are going to have a local meal for breakfast that is also made with organic ingredients. Then you can watch or even participate in the activities done every day in Iranian villages. For instance carpet weaving and baking local food such as bread with women. Fruit picking and taking after livestock with children and men. Sometimes you can even get together with others in a ceremony. Like wedding parties or religious or traditional ceremonies. They host you and provide you with a safe and comfortable presence in villages and natures.

Eco houses are our second homes. It’s not yours, but you should treat it in the way you treat your home. It is because the importance of these houses is very hight.

Eco houses in Iran and sustainable tourism

Eco-lodges support sustainable tourism and help local society enjoy the profits of tourism venues too. So choosing these kinds of accommodation benefits both tourists and locals. Tourists can have an authentic local experience among varied Iranian ethnic. And also support their business. Locals can increase their income through tourism. In fact, you leave the hotel facilities and experience a more friendly environment. Most of the eco-houses are built in the heart of nature. For example, jungles, villages, and deserts are suitable areas to build houses.

Enjoy local foods

In some houses, local food serves guests. When you try the local foods of the destinations place, your trip will be complete. For instance, local bread and traditional dairy. Also delicious honey and jam and fresh herbs are something you have in there. They are enough to start a happy day. Or eat launch and dinner made with fresh natural things by locals. Even you can learn how to prepare these foods. Maybe you can experience the pleasure of agriculture. These events make it possible for guests to become familiar with their crafts. Even you can buy them to support their business. And help them to improve their houses.

AcrossIran offers you all the choices you can find among Iran Eco-lodges. Choose this kind of eccomodations and enjoy it. You can contact us and ask for any recommendation about reserving these places.

Bom Kolbeh Kahkaran Eco-lodge Fars-Sepidan
Bom Kolbeh Kahkaran Eco-lodge