Iran hotel and hostels are variable in type and quality. AcrossIran has different type of hotels in guarantee. Traditional hotel, boutique, 3 star, 4 star and 5 star.

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Traditional Hotels

Traditional hotels (houses) vary in each city of Iran. The type of these houses depends on the culture of that city. Also, the design and services are different in each house. Staying in these hotels is more interesting for travelers. In other words, they can live the culture and feel the Iranian life for some days. In addition, they can see Iranian Architecture. Painting, tile working, wooden doors and colored glasses windows. Further, A yard with turquoise pool can be found in the middle. Boutique hotels are the high quality type of Traditional houses. There are also many great boutique hotels in different cities of Iran.

Iran Hotel

Another type of accommodation in Iran is hotel. 3 star hotels are suitable for people who are on a budget trip. This category is similar to other 3 star hotels in the world maybe. Sometimes they might be a little different. But the standards are the same. 4 star hotels have better qualities in services than 3 star. They are almost close to 5 star hotels in quality. However, 5 star hotels are suitable for businessmen and people who travel to Iran for work. For example, Spinas palace hotel in Tehran is Iran luxury hotel. You can receive all the 5 star services in there. The location of these hotels is usually the best. Also, the food, view, rooms and services are in the best quality.

Iran Hostel

Hostels are always a good choice for who they want to be in contact with other travelers. There are many hostels in Iran. we suggest you to stay in hostel when travelling to Iran. Firstly, this helps you to find many friends in Iran. Secondly, you can feel the life inside an Iranian house with Iranian hospitality.

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