Celebrated as the soul city of Persian culture for more than 2000 years Shiraz has become synonymous with sophistication, poetry and wine. It was one the most important cities in the medieval Islamic era. Shiraz was the country capital during Zand dynasty (AD 1747-79). In this period they build or restored many beautiful buildings.

Shiraz as city of poets is home to the graves of Hafez and Saadi. Their grave became pilgrimage sites for both Iranians and Persian speakers around the world. The city is also famous for its splendid gardens and mosques with elaborate architecture and design. Along with some other gardens in Kerman, Mazandaran and Khorasan, Eram garden is also a UNESCO world heritage site. It represents a pattern for amazing Persian gardens started from Pasargadae Acheamenid capital.

Shiraz History

The first sources that mention Shiraz are Elamite inscriptions belonging to 2000 BC. The city was also an important region in Sassanid period. By the time Atabakan were ruling in 12th century Shiraz grew and became a major artistic center.

During Mongols and Tamerlane attacks the city was safe because of its wise rulers who choose to advocate them rather than giving in to mass slaughter. This decision made Shiraz a hub for artists and scientists from all over the Islamic empire to come here as a safe place so Shiraz became one the greatest cultural cities in Islamic world through 13th and 14th century.

Although Shiraz remained its statues in the time of Safavid it entered its days of decline by 17th century. The situation became worse after the city went through several earthquakes. But it was Karim Khan of Zand dynasty who made Shiraz capital and turned it into a great one due to construction of various structures and buildings such as mosques, bazaars and bath-houses.

Agha Mohammad Khan’s grudge against Zand family caused a bad attack to Shiraz citadel and moved both capital and the remains of Karm Khan to Tehran.

Shiraz Weather

The weather is almost fair through fall and winter (from October to March). Shiraz is famous for its nice atmosphere during spring and everyone consider it the perfect time to travel (from the final days of March to start of June). It usually gets hot in summers (after June until the end of September). Anyway Shiraz Shiraz the soul city of Persian culture is famous for its fair and nice weather with mild winters.