Iran being most economical travel destination

Stephen Schultz Austrian ambassador congratulates Iran being most economical travel destination. In his latest claims Austrian ambassador of Austria in Tehran introduced Iran as the most economical travel destination. Iran is a country with many tourist attractions. While the expenses of travel to Iran is fairly low. He said that this point is a great achievement for Iranian tourism industry. In a report that has recently published by World Economic Forum Iran is among economic countries to travel due to many reasons. For instance low airport tax, cheap fuel expense and high rate of purchasing power for tourists. Devaluation of Iranian currency against dollar maybe a prominent reason for that.

The ambassador was speaking at the Iran-Austria symposium of sustainable tourism with focus on ecotourism. He congratulated Iran on ranking as an economical travel destination. He also said he is here to help Iranian private sector economy. Pointing on some relations between the two country the ambassador said some comments. While everyone is aware of the stressful conditions of the region it’s important to have such symposiums. He emphasized that Austria’s contribution to this event is a sign of the country’s willingness to work with Iran.

Stephen Schultz commented that Iran is country with a rich culture and history. It contributed a lot in the course of civilization, art and culture. hence it is a time to compensate for Iran and provide them with solutions in the field of sustainable tourism.

The symposium of sustainable tourism with focus on ecotourism held on 25th September in Tehran. This event was held in association with University of Science and Culture.

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